Exercise Like Telling Your Body “You’re Gonna Hate Me For This, BUT You’ll Thank Me Later”

Exercise is a body movement that is done repeatedly in a planned and structured aims to improve or maintain one or more components of physical fitness. Exercise also involves the use and production of energy. exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and to keeping your body at a healthy weight. Exercise helps people lose weight and lower the risk of some diseases.it can help prevent and treat mental health problems. It can boost your wellbeing and mood, and is a great way to unwind from the stresses of life.
Swimming has many advantages that give many benefits to health. Swimming is one of the best exercises to burn calories, slimming, and strengthens the body. among its advantages is to improve blood circulation. it can reduce stress and pain in the joints. Swimming is good for the heart and lungs, and can avoid many diseases

Cycling either inside or outside of the home is a form of pleasure that can be obtained with ease, but it will be more beneficial if it is used as a program to develop physical fitness. Cycling is good for heart health. When the cycle of blood flow to the heart increases. The increased blood flow makes the heart have enough oxygen and help to better beats. This situation will indirectly reduce the risk of heart attack. Cycling does not put pressure on joints or cartilage. Instead it helps nourish the muscles and joints in the foot with a movement that seeks to strengthen cartilage. As with other exercises, cycling will release endorphins thus expel all negative feelings especially stress that is inside. among other advantages are lowering the levels of cholesterol and strengthen your bones

Jogging is one of the activities to burn calories and improve stamina, especially for those who are active in sports. when jogging you help yourself to get quality sleep and reduce stress, this activity is most effective to get rid of stubborn fat on the stomach and stimulates the brain

Yoga is an activity that is good for both physically and mentally.Body posture in yoga have different advantages. Some yoga positions can improve the immune system of our body is doing Wheel Pose that are proven to strengthen the muscles in the stomach, stimulates the thyroid and pituitary gland that can increase endurance body. They will make the body more flexible.Yoga has proven effective in reducing migraine pain and work as calories burner

Dance or what we usually call by Aerobics is one type of activity that is favored by many young people. Without us knowing, aerobics makes our soul and body healthier. Dancing can improve memory and prevent you from dementia as you get older. Science reveals that aerobic exercise can restore the lost volume in the hippocampus (the part of the brain that controls memory). It also increases the flexibility in your body. Dancing can increase your spirits and reduce your stress. If you are looking for a fun ways to loose weight, then dance is the best choice. Lose weight is often passed by a process that makes you discouraged and miserable, while dance is something different.

Workout Routine: 


30 crunches
30 bicycles
30 sit ups
30 mountain climbers
2 min plank

30 jumping jacks
20 high knee
30 squats
30 crunches
10 push ups
2 min plank

2 x
15 arm swings
15 arm circles
15 wall push ups
15 chest press
15 sec plank


20 squats
20 lunges
20 jumping jacks
20 calf raises
20 leg raise
20 sumo squat

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