Hair Routine

Every human being has the risk of a Hair fall due to age, stress, diet and lack of rest is a contributor to hair problems.

  • Tips 1: Use the appropriate Product

There are many cleaning product and shampoo now days .choose the right shampoo, the best  product is from natural ingredients.

  • Tips 2: Avoid Using Chemicals Hair Treatment

Preferably, avoid hair treatment that uses chemicals such as rebonding, perming or hair dye. The chemicals contained in these products can cause the scalp to become more sensitive.

  • Tips 3: Wash your hair with shampoo Every Day

Wash your hair everyday. Rumors said that washing your hair every day can make it  damage, its totally wrong.Washing your hair every day is fundamental in the care of the inside surface of the hair is important in choosing the right shampoo.

  • Tips 4: Use the Right Oil Conditioner

Oil  in hair conditioner can be apply at the end of hair only . Avoid its from spread until the hair roots. Let stand for two to three minutes before rinsing with clean water.

  • Tips 5 : Eat Properly

This is the very important tips for eternal care to get the most healthy hair.Avoid oily and spicy food as it can effect the growth of hair.To stimulate the growth of healthy hair, make sure you take food containing protein, zinc, vitamins B and C.

  • #Tips 6: Lifestyle

Stress is the main factor of hair loss and also causes the body system affected. The hormone can lead to impaired secretion of excess oil on the scalp.So make sure you get a break and stay away from the source of stress. To get enough rest, sleep at the right time and right place.

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