Protecting nail is very important because nails can describe a person’s character. Nail care is the same value as beauty care for skin, hair and other body parts as well. But many still do not know how to take care of nails to always healthy and beautiful.Many disadvantages that would arise if we do not keep the nails properly. Among the diseases that can affect our nails as nails brittle, Cagua, yellowish and easily cracked. This will affect our appearance.

Dry and brittle nails

  • this is due to lack of vitamin A, calcium and iron.
  • to treat you should eat foods that contain substances mentioned.
  • you also need to massage the fingers and with moisturizer
  • use olive oil once a week

Soft and weak nails

  • it because of genes or hereditary
  • to treat it must be eating a lot of food that menganduni protein, calcium, and iron are high

Often peel off Nails

  • it comes from heredity, lack of vitamin B, or sores on the skin or the nail
  • to prevent this problem plenty of food intake of vitamin B

Hard nails

  • nails are very hard and thick edges and yellow burst
  •  stems for wearing tight shoes

Nails with white spots

  • not because of abnormalities in nail disease
  • white color it happens because there is air in the nail substance

Traditional tips that can help you


Use lemon juice to treat your nails. Rub lemon on your nails and leave for a few minutes and then wash your nails and the result will look beautiful.


Turmeric can help eliminate unpleasant smells on the nails. Mix the grated turmeric with coconut oil and instill the desired place and then wipe with a towel rather hot. Finally wipe with a dry and see.


Garlic is good for nails that break easily. Rub onions on brittle nails as often as possible. It can help to strengthen the structure of your nails.

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