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Benefits of Eating Vegetables Help the process of losing weight Green vegetables are naturally low in carbohydrates but rich in fiber which makes it slow to be digested. And it will help you feel full for a longer period. The main advantages of green vegetables are very low in calories that it has proved that […]


  We often think the main cause of diabetes is due to overweight or hereditary factors. Actually, there are 13 main causes of diabetes which cause it’s getting contagious. Continue reading because you might have adopted one of the factors that can lead to diabetes.   1. Intake of sugar and food / drinks high […]

    Practice a healthy lifestyle is a series of activities and programs must be done in a consistent and persistent and very good from a health standpoint. It provides a balanced food intake, exercise, do regular health screenings, keep clean, do not do anything that could jeopardize the health, adequate rest and so on. […]

CHICKEN APPLE WRAPS Ingredients : – 1/2 c cooked chopped skinless chicken breast – 3 Tbsp chopped apple – 2 Tbsp. chopped grapes – 2 Tbsp. Natural Peanut butter – 1 Tbsp Greek yogurt – 2 Tbsp Honey ( optional ) – Iceberg lettuce DIRECTIONS : – Mix all chopped ingredients in a bowl, add […]

Ingredients: Firm raw mangoes: 2 big Sugar:1/2 cup or as per your taste or the tartness of the mango Black salt: 1/3 tsp Bhaja masala (or dry roasted cumin powder): 1 tsp Water Method: Wash the green mangoes and pat it dry with a piece of cloth or kitchen tissue. Take a fork and poke […]

1. Insufficient sleep. Often staying up late can not only cause sleep deficiency, can affect the liver self-healing at night. Professor Neil Collin, an expert in the American Sleep Association, says it’s best to sleep before 11 o’clock in the evening every night to keep the liver out of 7-8 hours. 2. Don’t urinate in […]

Ingredients – Oats , dates, peanuts, dry fruits of choice, ghee and pinch salt. Method : Dry roast one cup oats in a pan. De-seed one cup dates and wash them properly. Put one teaspoon ghee in same pan and roast dates. Keep them aside and roast half cup peanuts and dry fruits of choice. […]

      NAILS Protecting nail is very important because nails can describe a person’s character. Nail care is the same value as beauty care for skin, hair and other body parts as well. But many still do not know how to take care of nails to always healthy and beautiful.Many disadvantages that would arise if […]

DARK CIRCLE There are 5 main causes of dark circles under the eyes (eye bag) can occur. Dark circles is the case when your blood shortage or lack of sleep, the face appeared pale and dark circles around the eyes. Hereditary factors can also cause dark circles. The cause of why dark circles under the […]


      ACNE PROBLEM Acne is a skin condition characterized by the appearance of spots on some parts of the body, such as face, neck, back, and chest. The spots can range from mild, such as blackheads black and white blackheads, spots and severe pus and cysts. Usually the spots are quite severe it […]

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