There are 5 main causes of dark circles under the eyes (eye bag) can occur. Dark circles is the case when your blood shortage or lack of sleep, the face appeared pale and dark circles around the eyes. Hereditary factors can also cause dark circles. The cause of why dark circles under the eyes can occur:

1. The descendants
Thinness of the skin around the eyes is different on each person, usually this is caused due to heredity. The thin skin of a person, the more obvious black shadows under the eyes.

2. Allergies
As a result of itchy eyes due to allergies, people will tend to rub the skin around the eyes. This will make the blood vessels meet under the eyes, which will make it appear dark. Some food allergies can also cause dark circles.

3. Fatigue
Lack of sleep or excessive fatigue will make the eyes work harder so that blood vessels around the eyes are also more active and visible as black shadows under eye skin. Sufficient rest and sleep is the best solution.

4. Age
As we get older, the skin loses collagen that makes it thinner and translucent. Thus, a dark shadow will be visible. Treatments to rejuvenate the skin will reduce the dark circles that appear due to age.

5. Anemia
Iron deficiency is the most common type of anemia, also can cause these black shadows. During pregnancy and menstruation the skin becomes more pale from lack of iron intake and this causes the blood vessels under the eyes more clearly visible as black shadows. Supplement intake of iron or blood booster will solve this problem.

How to get rid of dark circles?


1. Drink plenty of plain water
Especially if you are an active doing various activities. Water intake is good for keeping the skin fresh eyes.
2. Eat green vegetables
Assuming you lack nutrients, start now add green vegetables and foods rich in antioxidants in your daily menu.

3. Use cucumber or tomato
Slices of cucumber or tomato can you dab it on both eyes for several minutes. Or can tekapkannya overnight before going to bed.

4. Use special moisturizing cream for dark circles
Moisturizing creams can help moisturize and eliminate dark circles under the eyes. Fine Lines and Wrinkles No More Tangible.