Dhanurasana Yoga movement is very good to improve posture, although this movement tend to be difficult to do. But that does not mean you can not try it. Dhanurasana yoga is very effective to burn fat that accumulates in the abdomen, weight loss strengthens the muscles of the back, and make your posture becomes more established again.

While doing the pose, the blood circulation will be reduced and blood circulation after a period of rest will flow in larger quantities. This can improve the flexibility of the spine and increase the level of vitalitasmu.

Doing yoga movements Dhanurasana although a bit difficult, but if done regularly, then you will also be used as well. How do Dhanurasana yoga movement, the first was lying facedown, then fold it over your knee and grasp the ankles with the hands.

Then lift the body up to the head in the direction of advance. In this level try body shape as the arch-like boat. Which is the focus of this Dhanurasana yoga movement is the stomach. Directions head and gaze upward, to do and hold for half a minute to a minute long.