4 Boiled Egg Cut In Sliced
1 Tomatos Cut In Small Sliced
1 Cuecmber Cut In Small Sliced
1 Cup Salad Lettus Chopped
1 Tsp Black Pepper Crushed
Pinch Of Salt
Mayoniess For Sandwhich
Cream Cheese For Sandwhich
Chili Garlic Ketchup For Sandwhich
Bread Sliced For Sandwhich

Take A One Bowl And Put Tomatos Cuecumber Salad Lettus Black Pepper Salt & Mix It Well & Mix It Very Well Then Take Bread Slice Put It On Chili Garlic Ketchup On 1st Slice & Put Egg Sliced On 1st Slice And 2nd Slice Put On Cream Cheese Then Put Salad On Slice & Take 3rd Slice Put Mayonaise Then Ready For Griil It On Grill Pan Or Sandwhich Toster And Serve With Franch Fries.