Yoga Dhanurasana

    Dhanurasana Yoga movement is very good to improve posture, although this movement tend to be difficult to do. But that does not mean you can not try it. Dhanurasana yoga is very effective to burn fat that accumulates in the abdomen, weight loss strengthens the muscles of the back, and make your posture […]

Bhujangasana ( COBRA POSE )

Among the many movements and styles of yoga, try also to make a move Bhujangasana style. Yoga movement Bhujangasana potent eliminate fat in the stomach to lose weight.Bhujangasana Yoga movement is also effective to tighten the stomach, flex the hip and spine. As well as the regular movement Bhujangasana can avoid back pain. For those […]


Tadasana is the most basic yoga movements and easy to try. Benefits Tadasana movement is to facilitate the circulation of blood in the body, strengthens the abdominal muscles, and helps balance the body’s natural muscle function. Tadasana Yoga movement can be done simply by standing straight then tiptoe away, raise your hands upward as he […]

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